About Magic Vision TV Box

Magic Vision TV MVTVHD535N receiver is an IPTV receiver using the latest technology which connects to your TV via HDMI or RCA Cable and connects to the Internet via Ethernet cable or via the built-n Wi-Fi to bring you live TV channels from around the world. The IPTV receiver has a full size remote control allowing you to control the device and to choose the channel you want to watch and control the setup of the device. With our device and the latest technology the device uses, you can watch Live TV channels without the need to a computer or Satellite dish.

The device have parental control feature allowing you to lock any channel that you don't think it is fit for your children by adding a password to the channel directly from the remote control, giving you the flexibility to lock the channel from your children while keeping the option for you to watch it at any time you wish. On top of this the device allow you to access YouTube and any personal media you have on a USB or external hard drive.


MagicVisionTV Super Package with Wifi and HDMI


Magic Vision TV
Magic Vision TV provide over 220 Free To Air (FTA) channels from the Middle East region. The channel.....   Read more